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St. Zosima Society

The purpose of the St. Zosima Society is to proclaim the Orthodox Faith to all those it can reach:  to reclaim Orthodox Christians who have drifted from, or never truly knew, the Church, and to bring into the Church those who have not known her at all. The society is inspired by its patron, St. Zosima, who enlightened the world with the glorious revelation of his wondrous encounter with St. Mary of Egypt, the precious treasure of the Judean desert who embodied the union with God offered to all mankind.  The society will establish and implement goals for reaching out, inviting, educating, and enlightening people in the Orthodox Faith, always witnessing to the the love of Christ.

Metropolitan Hilarion visit April 16 and 17 - 04/16/16

Our Patronal Feast Day is on Sunday, April 17th. We will begin hearing confessions at 4:00 PM. Metropolitan Hilarion will be with us for both the vigil beginning at 5:00 PM on Saturday, April 16th, and the Divine Liturgy on April 17 that which we will meet His Eminence at 9:30 AM. All should be in the church by 9:25 AM to greet our metropolitan when he arrives. Following the Divine Liturgy there will be a moleben and a procession around the church, then a festive lenten meal. Fish, wine and oil are allowed for us since it is our patronal feast, but, of course, no meat or dairy. Please plan to bring a dish to share with others. 

Mother of God “Softener of Evil Hearts” - 03/30/16

The miraculous weeping icon, the Mother of God, Softener of Evil Hearts, will be at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church in Roswell on Saturday, April 9th, for a Prayer Service (moleben and akathist) at 3:00 PM and throughout vigil beginning at 5:00 PM and on Sunday, April 10th, for the Divine Liturgy beginning with Hours at 9:30 AM.

Praising the Infant Savior whom Mary and Joseph brought to the temple, the aged Simeon prophesied about the Theotokos’ suffering, “Yea, and a sword shall pierce through thine own soul; that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed” (Luke 2:34-35). This prophecy by Simeon is portrayed by visible symbols – seven swords (or arrows): three on the right side, three on the left and one below. The number seven means the fullness of grief, sadness and heartache that the Theotokos suffered in her earthly life.

On March 23, 2012 and April 1, 2014, and again on March 28, 2015, we were blessed to host this miraculous Icon of the Mother of God. Hundreds of faithful Orthodox (and non-Orthodox) Christians venerated this holy icon throughout the day. That evening, a moleben and akathist were served before the myrrh-streaming icon. It was noticeable that as the number of the faithful who venerated the icon increased, and as the prayer service began, more and more myrrh began streaming from the icon. The scent of myrrh, which is very distinct and pleasant, was easily detectable in the air. Everyone in attendance, some of whom had traveled hundreds of miles to be there, felt the divine presence of the Mother of God.

The icon is a plain lithograph, a modern-day work from the Sofrino factory. It was kept in the Moscow apartment of Margarita Vorobyev and Sergei Fomin. One day, the icon started streaming myrrh. This happened during the glorification of blessed Matrona of Moscow, on May 2, after the icon was placed on righteous Matrona’s holy relics. Sometime later, the icon was transformed. Those who see it now cannot distinguish this lithograph from an ancient icon.

More informatin about the icon:


Kursk-Root Icon Visit - 02/14/16

The Kursk Root Icon was at Saint Mary of Egypt Orthodox church February 13, 14, and 15th. This Icon has been loved by Orthodox people all around the world since it's discovery in 1295 - when it was lifted up and a spring came forth. Many miracles and healings have been wrought by God through His holy Mother through this precious icon.

St. James Liturgy - 02/07/16

This past Sunday, we celebrated the ancient Liturgy of St. James. We have received a blessing from Metropolitan Hilarion to serve this Liturgy four times a year, typically during a fasting season.  The St. James Liturgy is the oldest Liturgy of the Church and is still used in Jerusalem today. 

Melania Russo baptized on January 9, 2016 - 01/09/16

Newly baptized Melania - daughter of Maya Russo. Sponsors Valery Filatov and Svetlana Finlay.

Older Items 

Life of St. Zosima

Righteous Zosima of Palestine commemorated as a saint on April 4.

Saint Zosimas was born in the second half of the fifth century, during the reign of Emperor Theodosius the Younger. He became a monk in a monastery in Palestine at a very young age, gaining a reputation as a great elder and ascetic. At the age of fifty-three, now a hieromonk, he moved to a very strict monastery located in the wilderness close to the Jordan River, where he spent the remainder of his life.

He is best known for his encounter with St. Mary of Egypt (commemorated on April 1). It was the custom of that monastery for all of the brethren to go out into the desert for the forty days of Great Lent, spending the time in fasting and prayer, and not returning until Palm Sunday. While wandering in the desert he met Saint Mary, who told him her life story and asked him to meet her the next year on Holy Thursday on the banks of the Jordan, in order to bring her Holy Communion. He did so, and the third year came to her again in the desert, but he found that she had died and he buried her. St Zosimas is reputed to have lived to be almost one hundred years of age.

All that we know of Zosimas' life comes from the Vita of St. Mary of Egypt, recorded by St. Sophronius, who was the Patriarch of Jerusalem from 634 to 638.


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