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Welcome to St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church

We are a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, a part of the worldwide Orthodox Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and spread throughout the world by His holy apostles and their successors.  The church is located in Roswell, Georgia, and our parishioners come from all parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area and beyond. We welcome visitors from all over the world...more

News Updates

Homily on the Good Samaritan by Bishop Nektary of Seattle - 11/23/14

Sermon delivered in 1958. Bishop Nektary was a spiritual son of the venerable Elder Nektary of Optina. He reposed on the feast of the New Martyrs of Russia, in 1982.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan - 11/23/14

Luke 10:25-37
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke by Blessed Theophylact

The Ascetic Podvig of Living in the World - 11/22/14

A Lecture Given by His Eminence Archbishop [future Metropolitan] Laurus at the Eighth Annual St. Herman Pilgrimage at Holy Trinity Monastery, December 25, 1985

Celebrations in the Eastern American Diocese - 11/22/14

The 30th anniversary of the episcopal consecration of His Eminence Hilarion and the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Eastern American Diocese

Rejoice, O Ever-Virgin Bride! Sung at the Valaam Monastery - 11/16/14

The Divine Liturgy - 11/16/14

by Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Jairus' Daughter and the Woman With an Issue of Blood - 11/16/14

Luke 8:41-56
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke by Blessed Theophylact

Kosmas and Damian the Unmercenaries from Asia Minor - 11/14/14

Sts. Kosmas and Damian the Unmercenaries and their mother St. Theodoti

St. John of Kronstadt on Love - 11/13/14

Excerpts from the diary of St. John of Kronstadt

Demonic Possession or Mental Illness? - 11/09/14

by Archimandrite Vasilios Bakoyiannis

The Legion of Demons and Herd of Swine - 11/09/14

Luke 8:26-39
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke by Blessed Theophylact

How to Approach the Reading of the Holy Fathers - 11/08/14

By Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov

Holy Great-Martyr Demetrius - 11/08/14

St. Demetrius has appeared many times and on many occasions. His miracles are without number. 

Lazarus and the rich man, Sunday of Luke 16:19-31 - 11/02/14

A sermon given by fr. George Calciu, Nov. 2005

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus - 11/02/14

Luke 16:19-31
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke by Blessed Theophylact

St. John of Kronstadt - 11/01/14

On October 19/November 1, 1964 the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad canonized the great pastor of the Russian land.

Archpriest Andrew Phillips - 10/31/14

An interview with Archpriest Andrew Phillips (ROCOR). Serving at St John’s Orthodox Church in Colchester, Essex, England.

The Martyr Longinus the Centurion - 10/29/14

“When the centurion saw what happened, he glorified God. He said, “Truly this man was righteous.” 

The Sower - 10/26/14

A homily by Metropolitan Panteleimon of Antinoes

The Parable of the Sower - 10/26/14

Luke 8:5-15
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke by Blessed Theophylact

Holy Mountain: a universal presence and a heavenward orientation - 10/25/14

Metropolitan Nikolaos
Paper presented at the Conference ‘Russia and Athos: A Thousand Years of Spiritual Unity’ held in Moscow, 1-4 October 2006.

Synaxis of the Holy Fathers of Optina Hermitage - 10/24/14

Lights of the Orthodox Faith, unshaken pillars of monasticism,
Consolers of the Russian land, O holy elders of Optina,
Who have acquired love for Christ and have laid down your lives
for your children…

St. Kenneth - 10/24/14

One of the greatest Irish ascetics and most venerated saints in Ireland after St. Patrick and St. Brigid

Embassy, Emigrants, and Englishmen - 10/24/14

The Three Hundred Year History of a Russian Orthodox Church in London by Protodeacon Christopher Birchall. Holy Trinity Publications. 


Monday, 11 / 24 November
Martyr Menas of Egypt
St. Theodore of Studion
No Services
Tuesday, 12 / 25 November
St. John the Merciful
St. Nilus the Faster
3:00PM- Vigil

Wednesday, 13 / 26 November
St. John Chrysostom
9:40AM- Hours/Divine Liturgy
Fasting discipline varies from one Orthodox jurisdiction to the next. Our church calendar should be consulted for the fasting discipline of our parish.
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Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
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