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Welcome to St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church

We are a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, a part of the worldwide Orthodox Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and spread throughout the world by His holy apostles and their successors.  The church is located in Roswell, Georgia, and our parishioners come from all parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area and beyond. We welcome visitors from all over the world...more

News Updates

Sermon on the Ascension of the Lord - 05/25/17

by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov)

Metropolitan Philaret on the Ascension - 05/25/17

Two sermons for the Feast of the Ascension by Metropolitan Philaret of Eastern America and New York

On the Feast of the Ascension - 05/25/17

A Sermon by Our Righteous Father Sebastian Dabovich San Francisco, 1899

On the Apodosis of Pascha - 05/24/17

Archbishop Simon (Vinogradov, +1933) of Peking and China

On the Unceasing Remembrance of God - 05/24/17

by Archimandrite Athanasios Mitilinaios
"St Gregory the Theologian said: It is more important to remember God than to breathe."

Support the Growing Mission of Orthodox Life - 05/24/17

"We would love to expand the work of, but like any organization we have limited resources and need your support"

Moon Madness, or How the Demons Deceive Us - 05/24/17

For centuries, man has been mystified about why some individuals are so negatively affected or troubled during a full moon

Patriarch of Moscow welcomes Relics of St. Nicholas the Miracle-worker - 05/23/17

Relics of St. Nicholas Ceremoniously Greeted - 05/23/17

Relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, brought from Bari, Italy, have been delivered to Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral

The Spiritual Blindness of Sin - 05/21/17

By St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

Metropolitan Philaret on the Sunday of the Blind Man - 05/21/17

Two sermons by Metropolitan Philaret of New York and Eastern America on the Sunday of the Blind Man

St. John the Theologian - 05/21/17

Together with Peter and James, John was deigned worthy to become close to the Lord, being with Him during the most important and triumphant times of His earthly life.

Sunday of the Blind Man - 05/21/17

From the Explanation of the Gospel of St. John by Blessed Theophylact

On the life of Hierodeacon Ephraim, elder of Glinsk Hermitage - 05/21/17

“The whole secret to salvation is humility, but very few understand it”.

The Opening of the Relics of Our Father Among the Saints Mardarije - 05/21/17

The relics of Bishop Mardarije, which have laid in St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, Illinois, since his internment in December 1935, were uncovered and found to be incorrupt.

Sermon on the Fifth Sunday of Pascha - 05/14/17

by Metropolitan Laurus (Škurla) (+2008)

Homily on the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman - 05/14/17

by St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)

Saint John Chrysostom on the Samaritan Woman - 05/14/17

“Give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.” (John 4:15).

The Samaritan Woman - 05/14/17

John 4: 5-42
From The Explanation of The Gospel of St. John by Blessed Theophylact

Sayings of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov - 05/13/17

St. Ignatius Brianchaninov (+1867) stands out as one of the greatest patristic writers of the nineteenth century.

On Prayer - 05/13/17

Essays on Prayer by St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)

A Sermon by Archbishop Seraphim (Ivanov) on Mid-Pentecost - 05/10/17

“During These Bright Days We Should Ponder Our Savior More,
Learn About Him”

The Healing of the Paralytic and the Loneliness of Contemporary Man - 05/07/17

By Fr. George Calciu

We are created for Eternal Life - 05/07/17

A homily given by Archimandrite Justin (Popovic) on the Sunday of the Paralytic at the Ćelije convent, 1978.

On the Sunday of the Paralytic - 05/07/17

A sermon by Archimandrite Kirill (Pavlov)

Sunday of the Paralytic - 05/07/17

John 5:1-15
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. John
by Blessed Theophylact

Venerable Maelrubha of Applecross - 05/04/17

St. Maelrubha has been venerated as one of the apostles of the Picts in Scotland and of Skye. Commemorated: April 21/May 4

The Lenten Prayer of St Ephrem - 05/04/17

by Rt. Revd. Prof Irenei, Bishop of Sacramento

“I Was Three When I Met Vladyka Anastassy…” - 05/04/17

Transcript of an interview with Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky)

Sunday of The Myrrhbearing Women - 04/30/17

Homily of Saint Gregory Palamas

The Myrrh-Bearing Women : Sacrificial Love - 04/30/17

Archimdrite Kirill (Pavlov)

The Myrrh-bearing Women - 04/30/17

Mark 15:43-16:6
From The Explanation of the Gospel of St. Mark by Blessed Theophylact

A brief History of the Irish Orthodox Church - 04/27/17

At its March 9, 2017 session, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church officially adopted St. Patrick and more than fifteen other pre-schism Western saints into its calendar

On the Sophiological Controversy of the 1930s - 04/27/17

By Alexis Klimoff Emeritus Prof. of Russian Studies at Vassar College

“Only by remembering our Martyrs can we build the Future of the Church” - 04/27/17

Archbishop Mark (Arndt) interviewed by Hieromonk Ignaty (Shestakov)

“The Tragedy of a Hundred Years Ago Cannot Be Repeated” - 04/27/17

by Protopriest Andrei Sommer, Vice President of the Synodal Youth Department of ROCOR


Saturday, 14 / 27 May
St. Isidore of Chios
9:40AM- Hours/ Divine Liturgy
4:00PM- Confessions
5:00PM- Vigil
Sunday, 15 / 28 May
Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council
9:40AM- Hours/ Divine Liturgy
Monday, 16 / 29 May
St. Theodore the Sanctified
No Services
Fasting discipline varies from one Orthodox jurisdiction to the next. Our church calendar should be consulted for the fasting discipline of our parish.



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